Manage Your Shipping Online: The Best Options for Startups & Small Businesses

Manage Your Shipping Online: The Best Options for Startups & Small BusinessesYou want to better manage your shipping online but you don’t know where to start? Here are some of the best shipping options for startups and small businesses!

When it comes to shipping, there are so many options for startups and small businesses. It usually depends on the type of shipping you are looking, however, if LTL, parcel or blanket wrap is all your business need or maybe a combination of these three, we must say that the best shipping option for startups and small businesses will be through an online platform. A startup or a small business don’t have the funds or the bandwidth to invest in relationships or accounts with major carriers. But if the business is in need of blanket and freight options, free shipping platforms are a great option to save money, improve operational efficiency, and compare rates with multiple carriers.

Startups and small businesses that need to ship small parcel can easily create an account and leave the complicated things to the software. You can focus on your business as your problems with shipping will finally be solved.

The shipping service provider will provide you with a dashboard which uses tracking updates for all of your shipment types to control and manage shipments and keep up with all of your active orders. In order words, it can significantly simplify the complications of shipping and delivery. The dashboard also allows for exception and effective management, which means that all problems related with shipment can be controlled and managed in one place and you can resolve them by contacting only one company, instead of calling multiple carriers. Most shipping solution providers give you the option to work with home delivery carriers and give startups and small businesses and access to inside delivery and unpacking of palletized and crated shipments. This can significantly help ease and simplify the often complicated procedure of shipping LTL effectively to an end address.

Using such options will not only help you better manage your shipping online but it will also be very beneficial to your overall business, especially if you ship a high volume of products.

Some of the best shipping options on the market are ShipStation, ShippingEasy, Freightview, Orderhive, Digital Waybill, SKULabs, ShipRush, OnTime, ShipBob, Orange Manager, Ordoro, Skubana, Circle, LogiNext, Infoplus, GroovePacker, ShipTrack, Easyship, FreightCenter, and Linnworks.

Go on and pick the best solution for your business!